Engagement Session of Michelle and Matt

Funny story on how I met these two.  I was sitting at a Starbucks waiting for them and I had seen this couple to the side for awhile didn’t think it was them.  I talked on the telephone and waiting and waiting for the couple to show up for the consultation and all along they were sitting a few feet from me.  I thought they would see I had albums but I thought maybe I will just risk it not thinking it was them but I went to ask the couple if they were who they were.  It turned out it was who I was suppose to meet.  I felt so awkward.  It was kinda funny though.  Anyhow, they were supper sweet about it and we are here.  So we shot their engagement session at a local park in Concord which I had never been to it was really nice.  It had a lake and then hills, trees lots of mustard and it was pretty.  I will be shooting their wedding photos at the end of May so stay tunned!


2013-04-29_0001 2013-04-29_0002 2013-04-29_0003 2013-04-29_0004 2013-04-29_0005 2013-04-29_0006 2013-04-29_0007


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