Engagement session of Lauren and Eddie

I meet Lauren at Newberry Estates that is where she is having her wedding so stay tunned for pictures too come.  I thought she was the sweetest thing and when she hired me she wanted to go into the city for some engagement pictures.  That is when I meet Eddie for the first time I thought what  a sweet young man.  He is supper polite and just a great guy.  Months prior I shared on my Facebook page their actual video of their engagement which was an awesome production of her trying to find Eddie and then him proposing to her.  It was so cool!  Anyway, here are some of their pictures hope you enjoy!


2013-04-22_0001 2013-04-22_0002 2013-04-22_0003 2013-04-22_0004 2013-04-22_0005 2013-04-22_0006 2013-04-22_0007


2013-04-22_0009 2013-04-22_0010  2013-04-22_0008 2013-04-22_0011


2013-04-22_0012 2013-04-22_0013


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