The Wedding of Stephen and Ashley


These two are so cute.  I enjoyed their wedding so much at the Jefferson St. Mansion.  They had a Disney type theme to their wedding but it wasn’t overly done it was in a very delicate and very clean way. … Continue reading

The Engagement Session of Jennifer and Drew


They are such a cute petite couple.  I had the great opportunity to photograph their session at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.  Stay tunned to their wedding photos.

Brianna’s Quinceanera

I was honored to photograph this lovely young lady’s 15th birthday.  I really loved all the attention to the details in Brianna’s birthday decorations.  She is a major baseball player in school and I loved how she showed that in her party.  Please enjoy the photos!
























The Wedding of Dennis and Danielle

It was a great pleasure to photograph Danielle and Dennis’s wedding.  They got married at the lovely Elliston Vineyards tucked away in Sunol.   It was a bright and mild tempered day.  Everyone was lovely and sweet.  Funny story about Danielle’s earrings, as I was photographing them at the time I had no idea they came apart and when I picked them up and they did that I started to panic.  I was terrified that I broke them and I was ready to just hop in my car leave my second shooter there with them and go buy a pair of earrings for her. I didn’t want to tell her but I had to because she would realize I wasn’t there for a moment so I told her and she was calm and collected.  She said aren’t these the coolest earrings see they come apart my jaw dropped and I explained what happened she started laughing.  OMG I thought that I had had a heart attack but it all ended up being okay.  The wedding went splendidly and I was happy to be apart of their wedding.  Enjoy the photos!

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The Wedding of Barclay and Shelly


I had a great time at their wedding.  Shelly was simply elegant and simple but she flowed like an angel.  Barclay looked so handsome in his suit.  This couple was easy going I had a great time with them.  I … Continue reading

The Wedding of Paco and Raymell

They were married in the beautiful Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and as they walked outside for the first time as husband and wife they were greeted with mariachi’s.  Thank you for sharing your lovely wedding with me.  The reception was held at the Brentwood Community Center and the decor was beautiful.  Enjoy the photo!


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Engagement session of Angelina and Louis

I had a great time getting to know these two on the drive up to Muir Woods and Muir Beach.  They as well as me have a love for nature and trees and what better place to do an engagement session.  They will be getting married earlier part of 2017 and I am excited to be photographing their wedding soon.  It was so cute they were a little nervous in the initial part of taking their photos because they never really had a professional photograph taken together.  But I think they did an amazing job.  They are such awesome people.  Enjoy the photos.


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The Wedding of Johannes and Amber

I loved this bride and Amber she has such great energy and positiveness that it is such a delight to be around.  She is such a happy go lucky kinda of a girl.  She is also very talented and is a hair dresser.  Johannes is more grounded and the serious one.  He can be silly at times too.  I was very fortunate to have photographed their wedding at the lovely Bella Torre Estates in Byron a new and upcoming venue.  I believe Amber was the first official bride to get married at the estate.  Her wedding was simple yet beautiful.  Congratulations to you both!  Enjoy the photos.

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The wedding of James and Erica

James is so in love with this adorable lady.  I just loved how he completely looked at her the entire night.  The setting was at the Newberry Estate Winery in Brentwood CA.  Gorgeous couple, gorgeous venue.  Erica had a beautiful wedding dress matched her vivacious personality.  One of Erica’s uncles was so sweet to have her barrow one of his old cars and I was lucky enough to capture them near it.  I wish nothing but the best for these two!  Enjoy the photos.


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