The Wedding of Stephen and Ashley

These two are so cute.  I enjoyed their wedding so much at the Jefferson St. Mansion.  They had a Disney type theme to their wedding but it wasn’t overly done it was in a very delicate and very clean way.  They even had hidden Mickey type things at their wedding like her earings, his cufflinks, the flowers at the alter shapped in Mickey ears but you can’t really notice it until really looking at it.  So cute in a grown up way.  I just love how these two look at each other its overwhelmingly beautiful.  Enjoy their photos!


2016-12-06_0001 2016-12-06_0002 2016-12-06_0003 2016-12-06_0004 2016-12-06_0005 2016-12-06_0006 2016-12-06_0007 2016-12-06_0008 2016-12-06_0009 2016-12-06_0010 2016-12-06_0011 2016-12-06_0012 2016-12-06_0013 2016-12-06_0014 2016-12-06_0015 2016-12-06_0016 2016-12-06_0017 2016-12-06_0018 2016-12-06_0019 2016-12-06_0020 2016-12-06_0021 2016-12-06_0022 2016-12-06_0023 2016-12-06_0024 2016-12-06_0025


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