The Wedding of Angelo and Kaylee

Besides these two being adorable, I can’t say how goregous this wedding was.  I love the fact that Angelo and Kaylee’s wedding was held at Angelo’s parents house which is a beautiful property in itself.  They couldn’t have asked for a better location.  If it was just the location and nothing else that would have been just beautiful but then Kaylee had it decorated immaculately.  I loved all the little details she had and this wedding did not lack that whatsoever.  The rustic elements just matched perfectly with the location of the wedding it was stunning.  I loved the simple elegance of Kaylee’s dress it felt like a gorgeous updated 1930’s style dress and the the flowers complimented that style.  Anyway it was an amazing wedding thank you for allowing me to be part of it.

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The Wedding of Jerry and Liz

This wedding was at the lovely Newberry Estate Vineyards in Brentwood.  It was a lovely fall wedding with touches of fall.  I was happy to be the photographer to their wedding day.  I wish them many years of love.  Please enjoy the wedding photos!

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The wedding of Travis and Amanda

The wedding of Amanda and Travis was at the beautiful Murrieta’s Well one of my favorite venues.  This bride took great time for the details at her wedding.  The venue looked beautiful with all her special attention to details.  She … Continue reading

The Wedding of Paco and Raymell

They were married in the beautiful Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and as they walked outside for the first time as husband and wife they were greeted with mariachi’s.  Thank you for sharing your lovely wedding with me.  The reception was held at the Brentwood Community Center and the decor was beautiful.  Enjoy the photo!


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The Wedding of Francisco and Tracy

I really enjoyed being apart of this beautiful wedding.  Tracy looked amazing and I completely feel in love with her dress.  They were married in a very unique venue which I had never shot before but had blast, it was at Preservation Park.  It is like a Victorian style buildings specially tucked away and cars can’t go in to this area.  I loved it very lovely.  Please enjoy the photos!


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