The Wedding of Ryan and Yuritzy

This wedding was in Stockton at the Waterfront Hotel and then reception at a lodge.  The wedding was in February but by looking at the images it felt like a beautiful summer day.  Yuritzy put alot of her talents in the decoration of the hall it looked so pretty.  It had a Parisian theme and I heard that they are planning to have their honeymoon in Paris in the near future.  She and Ryan were supper relaxed and lovable couple.  I wish you guys nothing but the best!


2013-05-04_0001 2013-05-04_0002 2013-05-04_0003 2013-05-04_0004 2013-05-04_0010 2013-05-04_0009 2013-05-04_0008 2013-05-04_0007 2013-05-04_0006 2013-05-04_0005 2013-05-04_00112013-05-04_0012 2013-05-04_0013 2013-05-04_0014 2013-05-04_0015


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