The Wedding of Rob and Ashley

This wedding was taken at BR Cohn Winery in Napa Valley.  I completely loved this venue.  It looked over a majestic view of rows and rows of vines and beautiful tress.  The bride looked absolutely stunning and I just loved how Rob looked at his beautiful bride.


CLP_0835 CLP_0995 CLP_1006 CLP_1015 CLP_1252 CLP_1270 CLP_1352 CLP_1462


_SSP0179 _SSP0421 _SSP0556 CLP_1833 CLP_1815 CLP_1751 CLP_1738 CLP_1722-Edit CLP_2092 CLP_2103 CLP_2112 CLP_2129 _SSP0572


CLP_1858 CLP_1890 CLP_1979 CLP_1854 CLP_2009 _SSP0724 _SSP0685 _SSP0748 _SSP0942 _SSP0888 CLP_2075


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