The Wedding of Pablo and Nicole

I meet these two through a friend and I thought what great down to earth people these two are.  They both have these amazing hazel brown eyes and dark hair makings for great photos.  They’re wedding was held at the beautiful venue Casa Real.  It has a very Spanish like feeling to the location because of the architecture.  It was a beautiful wedding.  I don’t normally post first dances with moms or relatives but I had to with this wedding because the groom danced with his sister verses his mom. Due to the fact she was in a wheel chair and beautiful expressions were shown while they danced together, a very tender moment.


_SSP0152 _SSP0508 _SSP0549 _SSP0734 _SSP0770 _SSP0771 CLP_0398 CLP_0406 CLP_0420 CLP_0444 CLP_0465 CLP_0469 CLP_0559 CLP_0633 CLP_0638 CLP_8305 CLP_8343 CLP_8385 CLP_8430 CLP_8452 CLP_8457 CLP_8645 CLP_8874 CLP_8898 CLP_8934 CLP_8956 CLP_9073 CLP_9093 CLP_9123 CLP_9147


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