The Wedding of Clement and Amanda

Amanda has these beautiful green eyes I ever saw.  I was mesmerized by them.  She is a very tall slender gal and I was super excited to photograph her for her wedding. Needless to say she looked incredible her dress was so stunning.  Clement had a sense of humor to die for.  Their wedding was at a very romantic venue called Oakhurst Country Club in Clayton CA.  It over looks Mount Diablo.  It sits up high on a hill and you see a beautiful valley below.  It was a lovely wedding.


CLP_1708 CLP_1711 CLP_1773 CLP_1987


CLP_0134 CLP_0143 CLP_0128 CLP_0257-Edit


CLP_0283 CLP_0278 CLP_0277


CLP_0386 CLP_0384 _DSC0313 _DSC0311 _DSC0299 _DSC0379


CLP_0513 CLP_0500 CLP_0589 CLP_0674 CLP_0654 CLP_0640 CLP_0596


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