The wedding of Jude and Alicia

I really enjoyed photographing this wedding.  It was at the lovely Brownstone Gardens in Oakley CA.  This venue has so many photo opportunities in many areas.  But it wasn’t just that the venue was beautiful it was also the day was also overcast.  Some brides and grooms worry goodness it is overcast but I will tell you that in photography that is the best light source.  It is like having a soft box even nice light soft light and yes kinda romantic as well.  The bride and groom were so down to earth and I loved that.   The dresses very classy and chic.   The couple and the those at the wedding were so supportive and very sweet I couldn’t ask for anything better.  God Bless!


2013-09-25_0001 2013-09-25_0002


2013-09-25_0004 2013-09-25_0005 2013-09-25_0006 2013-09-25_0008 2013-09-25_0007 2013-09-25_0003


2013-09-25_0009 2013-09-25_0010 2013-09-25_0011 2013-09-25_0012


2013-09-25_0015 2013-09-25_0013 2013-09-25_0014 2013-09-25_0016




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