The Wedding of Eddie and Lauren

I adore this couple they are young and cute and have a great sense of accomplishment.  I admire a young couple who are genuinely good from deep inside of their souls and they are truly gifted.  The two of them sing and studied music so when they had their first dance it was different.  Instead of dancing which they did a little they sang to each other and that was amazing.  I really enjoyed their families everyone was a pleasure to work with.  Eddie is part Hispanic and Polynesian so when they had their money dance it wasn’t your typical money dance they danced to a Samoan dance while people threw money at them it was so much fun to watch. Their wedding took place at Newberry Estates in Brentwood.  Thank you guys for letting me be apart of your day and God Bless!

2013-09-04_0001 2013-09-04_0002 2013-09-04_0003 2013-09-04_0004

2013-09-04_0008 2013-09-04_0007 2013-09-04_0006 2013-09-04_0005

2013-09-04_0011 2013-09-04_0010 2013-09-04_0009 2013-09-04_0012 2013-09-04_0013


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