Wedding of Sal and Estrella

Sal and Estrella’s wedding took place in the lovely Leer Vineyards.  It was a gorgeous day not to hot just right.  The ceremony over looked the gorgeous vineyards.  Sal is out of the two is the more serious one and Estrella is the more smiley one of the two.  How I adore her smile.  I was very proud to have shot these two.  I wish nothing but the best for them.  Enjoy their pictures!


2016-08-10_0001 2016-08-10_0002 2016-08-10_0003 2016-08-10_0004 2016-08-10_0005 2016-08-10_0006 2016-08-10_0007 2016-08-10_0008 2016-08-10_0009 2016-08-10_0010 2016-08-10_0011 2016-08-10_0012 2016-08-10_0013 2016-08-10_0014 2016-08-10_0015 2016-08-10_0016 2016-08-10_0017 2016-08-10_0018 2016-08-10_0019 2016-08-10_0020 2016-08-10_0021 2016-08-10_0022 2016-08-10_0023 2016-08-10_0024




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