The Wedding of Brad and Katie

It was a pleasure getting to know these two.  I love how laid back they are.  They are no nonsense type people they know what they want and go for it.  There wedding took place at The Sugar Barge in Bethel Island it over looks the delta very quite and beautiful.  I loved how Katie incorporated a shabby chick country old fashioned modern type a thing.  It all looked amazing.  Please enjoy the photos!


2016-04-27_0001 2016-04-27_0002 2016-04-27_0003 2016-04-27_0004 2016-04-27_0005 2016-04-27_0006 2016-04-27_0007 2016-04-27_0008 2016-04-27_0009 2016-04-27_0010 2016-04-27_0011 2016-04-27_0012 2016-04-27_0013 2016-04-27_0014 2016-04-27_0015 2016-04-27_0016


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