The Wedding Of Zach and Melissa

I had the wonderful pleasure of photographing Melissa and Zach.  They are a couple after my own heart because I love outdoor setting especially around lots of trees and so are they.  When we did their engagement session we shot it at Tilden Park amongest beautiful redwood trees and their wedding although it wasn’t in the forest area but pretty darn close.  It took place at The Faculty Club at UC Berkely and surrounding the location are many beautiful trees and and behind is an awesome log cabin it was pretty delightful.  Even inside the venue it felt like you are in a log cabin with all the gorgeous wood all around.   I really enjoyed their wedding.  Their whole family was so friendly and everyone seemed to really have a great time.  Enjoy the photos!


2016-04-07_0001 2016-04-07_0002 2016-04-07_0003 2016-04-07_0005 2016-04-07_0006 2016-04-07_0007 2016-04-07_0008 2016-04-07_0009 2016-04-07_0011 2016-04-07_0012 2016-04-07_0013 2016-04-07_0014 2016-04-07_0015 2016-04-07_0016 2016-04-07_0017 2016-04-07_0018 2016-04-07_0019 2016-04-07_0020


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