The E-Session of Mayra and Greg

I got to spend a late afternoon with this great couple in early November to take their engagement photos at one of their favorite locations, Baker Beach in San Francisco.  Amazingly it was a warm day it usually isn’t that warm or sunny around this time but it was great.  They have an adorable little boy which I didn’t get to photograph this day but I will on the wedding day but what a cutie pie he is, so I look forward to that.  These two I believe are high school sweethearts and are going to be getting married at the beautiful Newberry  Estate Vineyards in April.  So stay tunned for those pics!

CLF_4478 CLF_4514 CLF_4543 CLF_4597 CLF_4623 CLF_4651 CLF_4721 CLF_4765 CLF_4840 CLF_4892 CLF_4902 CLF_4912 CLF_5031 CLF_5057




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