The Wedding of Daniel and Priscilla

It was a beautiful wedding held at Bridges Golf Course in San Ramon Ca.  The bride was absolutely exquisite and the groom very handsome.  She had the most lovely center pieces for her Reception area everything  with elegant taste.  I appreciate that they actually took the time to do some amazing photos for us to capture during the reception.  It was a very delightful wedding filled with love.  Priscilla’s mom and grandfather proudly walked her down the isle while Daniel waited patiently but nervously anticipating her arrival.  It was a wonderful familial day.  I loved how close Priscilla is to her mother and how Daniel is to his parents.  These two are made to be together.  Enjoy the photos!


2016-01-18_0001 2016-01-18_0002 2016-01-18_0003 2016-01-18_0004 2016-01-18_0005 2016-01-18_0006 2016-01-18_0007 2016-01-18_0008 2016-01-18_0009 2016-01-18_0010 2016-01-18_0011 2016-01-18_0012 2016-01-18_0013 2016-01-18_0014 2016-01-18_0015 2016-01-18_0016 2016-01-18_0017 2016-01-18_0018 2016-01-18_0019 2016-01-18_0020



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