The E-Session of Bonnie and Ty

What can I say about these two, they are perfect for each other its so obvious while I spent some time with them photographing their engagement session.  I really adore these two.  Bonnie is absolutely adorable her energy is calming and I love being in her presence and Ty is so in love with Bonnie its wonderful to see.  I had a great time especially Ty was really into being photographed which is a rare thing for some gentleman but he seemed he enjoyed it.  I shot their pictures at the beautiful Castelleo Di Amorosa and then Beringer winery.  Stay tunned for their wedding photos!

CLP_3603 CLP_3621


CLP_3649 CLP_3664 CLP_3691 CLP_3699 CLP_3700

CLP_3721 CLP_3749 CLP_3782 CLP_3792 CLP_3808 CLP_3821 CLP_3835 CLP_3846

CLP_3851 CLP_3877

CLP_3886 CLP_3894





CLP_3925 CLP_3953

CLP_3966 CLP_4032 CLP_4070


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