The Wedding of August and Vienna

When August called me to shoot his wedding I was a little intimadated at first.  His father was my professor at San Jose State and I felt kind of nervous.  But when the day arrived it was a great time.  Both sides of the family were really sweet and very friendly.  It turned out to be a really fun wedding and my assistant did not want to go home.  Congrats you two!


2015-08-08_0002 2015-08-08_00042015-08-08_0005 2015-08-08_0006 2015-08-08_0007 2015-08-08_0008 2015-08-08_0009 2015-08-08_0011 2015-08-08_0012 2015-08-08_0013 2015-08-08_0014 2015-08-08_0015 2015-08-08_0016 2015-08-08_0017 2015-08-08_00182015-08-08_0019 2015-08-08_00202015-08-08_0021 2015-08-08_0022


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