The Wedding of Danny and Julia

When I first met Julia it was at a local bridal fair in Brentwood and it was interesting because she knew one of my dear friends who happened to be a really great friend to Julia as well.  We just hit it off and the rest is history.  But in the process I got to know her family and how Julia met Danny and all that.  She has three beautiful boys and Danny has a wonderful son serving our armed forces.  Julia looked absolutely stunning her gown it was as though it was specifically made for her.  Here are some of the photos!

2014-12-29_0001 2014-12-29_0002 2014-12-29_0003 2014-12-29_0004 2014-12-29_0005 2014-12-29_0006 2014-12-29_0007 2014-12-29_0008 2014-12-29_0009 2014-12-29_0010 2014-12-29_0011 2014-12-29_0012 2014-12-29_0013 2014-12-29_0014 2014-12-29_0015 2014-12-29_0016 2014-12-29_0017 2014-12-29_0018 2014-12-29_0019 2014-12-29_0020 2014-12-29_0021


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