The Wedding of Jon and Melissa

I had the pleasure of meeting Jon and Melissa I did their engagement session in San Fransisco and then I was delighted to be apart of their wedding day.  A lovely location for a great couple.  The Lafayette Park Hotel and Spa in Morga.  Everyone was so sweet and easy going to work with.  I loved that Melissa wore a long veil that you can do some much with.  I had a great time.

2014-11-04_0001 2014-11-04_0003


2014-11-04_0004 2014-11-04_0005 2014-11-04_0006 2014-11-04_0007 2014-11-04_0008 2014-11-04_0009 2014-11-04_0010 2014-11-04_0011 2014-11-04_0012 2014-11-04_0013 2014-11-04_0014 2014-11-04_0015 2014-11-04_0016


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