The Wedding of Craig and Denay

These two are super cute with their common passion for the Giants baseball team.  So much so that they chose their colors for their wedding black and orange you can’t go wrong with that. I love black and orange myself.  They’re wedding was held at the lovely Newberry Estates in Brentwood CA.  I love that we did a first look so they could have as much time to enjoy their wedding party as possible.  It was a fun party too.  I loved the cool decorations and the ambiance of the whole evening.  These two are lovely and I wish them all the best in the world.


2014-02-19_0001 2014-02-19_0002 2014-02-19_0003

2014-02-19_0006 2014-02-19_0007 2014-02-19_0008

2014-02-19_0004 2014-02-19_0005 2014-02-19_0011

2014-02-19_0012 2014-02-19_0013 2014-02-19_0014 2014-02-19_0015 2014-02-19_0016 2014-02-19_0017 2014-02-19_0018 2014-02-19_0019

2014-02-19_0020 2014-02-19_0027 2014-02-19_0024 2014-02-19_0023 2014-02-19_0022 2014-02-19_0021

2014-02-19_0025 2014-02-19_0026


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