The Wedding Of DeMarcus and Jasmine

Jasmine’s and DeMarcus’s wedding was at Oakhurst country club.  It was a beautiful warm happy day with the beautiful view of Mount Diablo in the background as they’re ceremony took place.  Everyone was super sweet and they had such great families supporting them.  I loved how DeMarcus’s family were out on the dance floor and having a great time.  I loved the emotion of Jasmine’s family shared on this day and I was a fortunate person to  capture it all.  Thank you guys for allowing me to photograph such a beautiful wedding.



2013-12-17_0002 2013-12-17_0003 2013-12-17_0004 2013-12-17_0005 2013-12-17_0006 2013-12-17_0007 2013-12-17_0008 2013-12-17_0009 2013-12-17_0010 2013-12-17_0011 2013-12-17_0012 2013-12-17_0013 2013-12-17_0014 2013-12-17_0015 2013-12-17_0016 2013-12-17_0017 2013-12-17_0018 2013-12-17_0019



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