The wedding of Eddie and Joey

I must say that Joey is the most stylish client I ever had to date.  She has an immense taste in how to dress I think she should be a stylist personally.  Anyway I was completely excited to see what her wedding day was going to be like and I must say I was not disappointed in the least.  She had a lot of bling which I had a feeling it wouldn’t be nothing  short of that.  The decor was so beautiful.  Besides all that Joey was a gorgeous bride and such a great gal and Eddie was so calming and went with the flow I loved it.  They were a real joy to work with.  God bless them!

2013-10-28_0001 2013-10-28_0002 2013-10-28_0003 2013-10-28_0004

2013-10-28_0005 2013-10-28_0006 2013-10-28_0007

2013-10-28_0008 2013-10-28_0009 2013-10-28_0010 2013-10-28_0011 2013-10-28_0012

2013-10-28_0013 2013-10-28_0014 2013-10-28_0015 2013-10-28_0020 2013-10-28_0016 2013-10-28_0017 2013-10-28_0018 2013-10-28_0019 2013-10-28_0021 2013-10-28_0022

2013-10-28_0023 2013-10-28_0024 2013-10-28_0025 2013-10-28_0026 2013-10-28_0027 2013-10-28_0029 2013-10-28_0028 2013-10-28_0030



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