The Wedding of Tyler and Elise

This wedding was at Oakhurst Country Club in Clayton CA.  I totally love these two they are super funny.  The whole time they had me laughing and giggling.  But one thing is for sure and that is that they are totally in love with each other.  They do complement each other very well. They are the ying and the yang if you will.  It wasn’t an elaborate wedding but more of a personal and intimate wedding with very few close friends and mostly family.  They have such awesome families with great love for them.  They are very fortunate to have such love.


2013-05-20_0013 2013-05-20_0012 2013-05-20_0001 2013-05-20_0003 2013-05-20_0002 2013-05-20_0014


2013-05-20_0006 2013-05-20_0005 2013-05-20_0004 2013-05-20_0020


2013-05-20_0016 2013-05-20_0008 2013-05-20_0009 2013-05-20_0010 2013-05-20_0015 2013-05-20_0011

2013-05-20_0007 2013-05-20_0017 2013-05-20_0019







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