The Wedding of Dave and Cheri

These two have such a fun sense of  humor.  They really compliment each other really well.  Cheri showed me before the wedding the location of her ceremony and reception.  It took place at her parents home in Clayton.  At first I was a little skeptical but then when she showed me the place I was taken back it is and was very lovely.  Her dad put so much into the yard it looked amazing, lots of open shade and beautiful trees in the back and front.  She couldn’t have had a better place to have her wedding.  Her wedding was especially special because it was on the same day her parents were married so now they can’t forget each others wedding anniversaries.


_DSC0024 CLP_3593 CLP_3768 CLP_3813 CLP_4332


CLP_3681 CLP_3705 CLP_4477


CLP_3858 CLP_3845 CLP_4720 _DSC0203 _DSC0201 _DSC0197 _DSC0185


CLP_4421 _DSC0263 CLP_4372 CLP_4349 DSC_8550


CLP_3836 CLP_3818 CLP_4720 CLP_4741


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