The Wedding of Jeremey and Amber

Welcome to my new blog!  I hope you stay a little while and enjoy the comments and photos that I will share with you. For the first post on this blog I want to show you a wedding I shot in Durham CA.  I totally loved this wedding it was very country but very elegant at the sametime.  Jeremey is a chief so he did his wedding meal plan for the day and it was delicious.  Amber is getting a PHD involving studies of bees and their populations so they’re were some bee details which was very cool.  I hope you enjoy this wedding will be a featured wedding in my website shortly please stay tuned.


CLP_4708 CLP_4758 CLP_4853 CLP_4872 CLP_4960 CLP_4979 CLP_5046 CLP_5084 CLP_5124 CLP_5290 CLP_5301 CLP_5335 CLP_5338 CLP_5422 CLP_5587 CLP_5647 CLP_5660 CLP_6226 CLP_6254 CLP_6291-Edit CLP_6308 CLP_6328 CLP_6355 CLP_6374 CLP_6425 CLP_6432 CLP_6456 CLP_6610 CLP_6638 CLP_6788 CLP_6799 CLP_6806 IMG_4456 IMG_4460 IMG_4504 IMG_4567 IMG_4775 IMG_4878 IMG_4935 IMG_4961 IMG_5012 IMG_5019 IMG_5447 IMG_5647 IMG_5659 IMG_5810 IMG_5814 IMG_5820 IMG_5966


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